The three pilots are managed by Sales-Lentz. The shuttle provider is NAVYA.


The pilot starts during the Easter holidays in 2022. The conditions are met:

  • Signs for pedestrians​
  • Signs for cars along the street (30 instead of 50 km/h)​
  • Test period

Vianden is a small touristic city, and this defines the main target users. The shuttle is one more touristic attraction next to the castle and historic city center. It shows the innovative character of the city. The shuttle service transports people from the historic city center via a regional bus-stop to the camper site/riverside. The route is a mix of route A and B.

Since the pilot takes place on public roads, it is with an on-board operator. A next step is to have pilot on public roads without safety operator. Navya is to update the shuttles to drive around small obstacles without operator.

The shuttle service is integrated with a regional bus with a common stop. There are no other public transport modalities currently present in Vianden.

Amon other dissemination channels, the tourist information office is involved in promoting the shuttles. Vianden does not require much promotional activities as tourists come anyway. Operators are passionate to inform and convince passengers. Passengers can talk to drivers in the vehicle, so interviews with drivers are interesting. Parallel events promote Ride2Autonomy as well.

Shuttle operations and deployments are planned to continue in other areas beyond the project end.


This pilot has been cancelled due to Covid and closing of Terminal 2. Currently, we are looking for alternative locations, such as Zaventem Airport in Brussels.


Currently, we are looking for an alternative road in the city. The first route was connecting a small cultural spot to the​ town hall​. However, the city stopped the renovation and expansion of the town hall, and there is no need for a shuttle anymore. In addition, the route crosses a railway, which poses a risk of accidents. Authorization of the new road takes a lot of time if it uses the (national) main road.

For more information, please contact:

Dounia Bentoumi,