On 14 September 2022, a webinar took place to bring insights about user engagement and public acceptance of CCAM (Connected and Cooperative Automated Mobility) from EU projects SHOW and Ride2Autonomy.

The webinar presented hands-on experiences in engaging with public, factors influencing CCAM acceptance, and better understanding users’ needs and expectations.

The event collected best practices from three SHOW pilot sites, in terms of experiences, plans and lessons learned:
• Carinthia
• Brno
• Linköping

Presentations are available below:


Public perception of CCAM: Overview of factors affecting user acceptance (Henriette Cornet, UITP)

User engagement strategies: How to engage citizens and stakeholders in CCAM projects (Delphine Grandsart, EPF)

Carinthia (Petra Schoiswohl, SURAAmA)

Brno (Marek Vanžura, CDV)

Linköping (Anna Anund, VTI)

Recording is available HERE and below: