On 25 November 2022, the Ride2Autonomy Final Webinar took place to share the main outcomes and lessons learned from the project. It was based on three key documents:

  • Educational Campaign Guidelines
  • “Scalable Model” Toolbox
  • “Lessons Learned” Guide

These deliverables guide cities in integrating autonomous shuttle solutions into their public transport system. They build on the topic from different perspectives, including user acceptance and practical recommendations from this and other projects.

Ride2Autonomy ended on 30 November 2022, paving the way for further exchange and actions.

The project presentations and the recording from the webinar are available below:

Overview – Rupprecht Consult and POLIS

Introduction – Rupprecht Consult and POLIS

Educational Campaign Guidelines – MAPtm

“Scalable Model” Toolbox – LuxMobility

Aveiro pilot – Ubiwhere

Inverness pilot – HITRANS

Tampere pilot – VTT

Key take-aways and lessons learned – Rupprecht Consult and all partners