Pfaffenthal is a small urban living area located in Luxembourg City, the capital of Luxembourg. This urban area with around 1.300 inhabitants is based in a valley between the historical center of Luxembourg City and Kirchberg, the business district of Luxembourg City, home of the European Investment Bank and the Court of Justice of the European Union. 

Pfaffenthal is connected to the city center via a public elevator and to Kirchberg via a funicular. Several bus connections are available in the surroundings of the elevators entrance at the city center level. The funicular is part of a multimodal station that has been newly implemented in Pfaffenthal. Besides the funicular station this multimodal station consists of a train station, a stop of several bus lines as well as a bike sharing station. On the Kirchberg side on top, a tram connection and additional bus stops are available. Over a day all kinds of different people are transiting through the Pfaffenthal valley on the different means of transportation. During the peak hours in the morning and the afternoon mainly work commuters are passing through Pfaffenthal. 

During the day, residents, employees and a vast number of tourists are using the multimodal station in combination with the elevator to get to the different parts of Luxembourg City. The public elevator and the multimodal station are separated by 500 m and the residential area and the public elevator by 800 m. This corresponds to a 5–10 minute walking distance. 

To connect the public elevator, the multimodal station and the residential area with each other, the following route for the Automated minibuses has been selected. The traffic in the residential area is low because the valley of Pfaffenthal is far away from the main roads leading to the city. 

The picture below shows the route of the vehicle:

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